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Our Midwest Region is one of five regions in the U.S. that is comprised of Indiana, Iowa, Michigan Upper Peninsula, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

We are vibrant, devoted womenpriests who strive to be inclusive, liturgically creative, and attuned to the needs of the community, especially those on the margins.

We are a dynamic group of women who are each pastoring our own communities. Some of us were called by a group of faithful Catholics who were looking for change. Many of us realize that inclusion is a core teaching of Jesus.

As traditional Catholics, the door is closed to many who don’t “fit” the man-made doctrine such as the LGBTQA+ community, divorced Catholics, and those who question age-old teachings of the Church.

We also believe that all are called to consecrate Eucharist. The words of the priest are not magic. Rather, we as a people of faith speak words of thanksgiving as we consecrate the bread and wine at mass. This goes back to our baptism when we embrace our role as priestly people. We are the Church!

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